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Monday, March 31, 2014

China Glaze Sea Goddess The Final Five: Swatches and Reviews

Hello gentle readers.

A little while back, I showed you the first of my China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection polishes. Sand Dolla Make Ya Holla is the palest pink, almost white polish in the collection. Now hold on to your butts because I'ma going to hit you with the rest of them all at once.

Seahorsin' Around
Medium blue with gold microglitter. Two coats. 

Shell We Dance?
Rose red jelly with texture and tiny pink glitter. Two coats.

Tail Me Something
Purple textured base with silver microglitter. Two coats. 

Teal the Tides Turn
More jade green than teal, if you ask me, but beautiful none the less. Textured base with with bright green tiny glitter. Two coats. 

Wish on a Star Fish
Delicate, pink textured base with gold microglitter. Two coats.

The formula on the China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection is very different from the OPI Liquid Sands. These polishes, rather than being very fluid and smooth, are a bit thicker and the finish, when dry is more natural, organic. These remind me of coral, stones at the beach, that rough, natural sandy stone... I don't know what it is called. No, not sandstone. I can't recall the name of it, I used to see it in SoCal when I was a kid. Anyway, These polishes are beautiful, the colours are delicate, the textures are real. I like these polishes and they are getting some wear time on my nails, this Spring.

Did you pick up any of the China Glaze Sea Goddess polishes? What do you think of them? Love them? If you are thinking of grabbing some you can get them at Sally Beauty Supply, Ulta, order them from Amazon, many different walk in and online beauty supplies. Pretty much wherever you find China Glaze polishes.

Thank you for dropping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I didn't really like the Liquid Sands - I kept only one and gave away all the others I had. But these sound much better. I'm just getting into textured polish and love that they seem so naturally stone-like. Plus, great shades, nothing too pale or too deep.

  2. I had to have Sand Dolla, and love it. Then, I went back for the two blues! I love textures, especially with glitter or shimmer in them.

  3. Tail Me Something is so gorgeous!

  4. I did not pick up any but I do like them! I usually like textured polishes!

  5. Obsessed with Tail Me Something. Gorgeous shades!!!

  6. This is an amazing collection and I love all of the shades!

  7. OMG!! I love, love, love them all. I was looking for China Glaze at the IBS show and didn't see them. Bummer.

  8. Those names are too freakin' cute!

  9. I'm not a fan of textures, but they look really nice on you.

  10. These are some of my favorite textures out there!

  11. I definitely want Seahorsin' Around and Tail Me Something. I can never find China Glaze near me!

  12. I really loved this whole collection. Great swatches!

  13. Shall We Dance really stands out to me

  14. Guuurrrlll.. you got me again... I think I need them all!

  15. I need all pronto. I love the catchy names!!!!

  16. Teal the tides turn in absolutely gorgeous!


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