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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Random Stuff Sunday

Hello gentle readers.

I think that just about every polish addict can identify with this:

(Not mine, found it on Facebook.)

Are you getting high, this weekend?

I am.

See you Monday.


  1. I love your Sunday posts. They always make me laugh.

  2. Thank you. i'm so glad that you enjoy them. :D

  3. Love this! I got $80 worth of polish high this weekend. I need rehab!

  4. Yessss!!! I didn't get high this weekend though. I have way too many untrieds. I need to keep it under control, lol.

  5. I didn't, after all. Not going to go into it but suffice it to say, I am pissed! LOL

  6. Yay!

    Say, "No! No! No!".

  7. Oh no!!!! Sorry. Hopefully you get to "get high" later and it will make you feel better ;0).

  8. I hope so too. Thanks. :)


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