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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Colour Series ~ China Glaze Vintage Vixen: Swing Baby

Hello gentle readers.

Today's Colour Series ~ Vintage Vixen polish is the oh so beautiful Swing Baby. A soft, pale, antique gold that is, in my opinion one of the prettiest gold polishes I have ever clapped my little eyeballs on. This polish shines and glows and in the sun fires off sparks of rainbow and gold.

I applied three coats and top coat for this swatch. This photograph was shot out in full sun.

The formula on China Glaze Swing Baby is fantastic. This polish floated off the brush, sat right down where I placed it and didn't give me even a moment's trouble or argument. There were no nasty tricks from this beauty; no running, pooling, dragging or pesky bubbles. Dry time was a teensy bit slow but fast dry top coat helps.

How do you like Swing Baby? Are you a fan of precious metal polishes? Do you "do" gold? If so, you might really like this one. China Glaze Swing Baby is a recent addition to China Glaze's core line and is (or should be) available anywhere you buy China Glaze. I see it at my local Sally's all of the time.

Oh! Speaking of Sally's... Keep your polish money ready; in April, all polishes are buy two, get one free. (Check to be sure that your local store is running the same special... I don't know if they vary by area, but I don't want anyone to be pissed with me because you couldn't get the deal, in your area.) Yepper. Guess who is going to be stocking up on a few wishlist items, next month. Maybe those new Orly Spring polishes... I love sales. And, I have a new 15% off award ready to go, as well. :D

Thank you so much for coming by and hanging out for a bit. Have yourself a fabulous day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. what a beauty! and thanks for the heads up for the Sally Sale! wooo!

  2. Metallics are pretty to look at, but I rarely wear them.  I just don't think they look as great on me.  I love it on you!!  Thanks for that Sally's info.  I will definitely be stocking up as well ;0).

  3. Well well well! I must say, she is sparkling in quite a tempting way! I love the way she just lights up in the sun.

  4. I'm not that much of a metallics fan, but this one really flatters you! And thanks for the Sally's info. I will be hunting for change between the sofa cushions. ;)
    BTW, it's good to see you feeling better. The flu is certainly no fun at all; when I get it, it usually turns into bronchitis. Hence, it's the vaccine for me every year.

  5. Thank you. And... You are so welcome. :D

  6. You are so welcome. I got the news in my monthly mailer and thought I'd pass it along. :D

  7. She's a beauty and yes, she lights up beautifully in the sun. :D

  8. Thank you and I agree. :D

  9. Dig up that change. I will be doing the same. :D

    Thank you so much for your kind words. The flu sucks and I am happy to be recovering. I can actually get up the stairs without hacking up a lung, now. Progress, indeed. :D 

  10. Yup, one case of that flu a few years back turned me into a flu shot devotee, for life. Glad that you're finally shaking it.

    I love this VV shade too. One of the very few golds I can wear without alien fingers appearing.

  11. Next season, I am first to make an appointment, run into my doc's office and get my jab. I do not want that, again. lol

    This is a very flattering polish. I think that it would look good on a very wide variety of skin tones. :) I don't like getting alien fingers. Not pretty. :d

  12. Hmm... Idk if I love this one. It is really pretty, but I've just personally never really gotten along with metallics well. This would make a great New Year's polish though! ^.^


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