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Monday, March 19, 2012

Back to Nubbin Town in Sinful Colors Bare

Hello gentle readers.

Yepper. For the third time in as many months, out came the grinder and the glass file and my Mambo buffer and back to nubbins went my nails. I don't know what the heck is going on, lately but my nails have been a real pain in my arse. Even with my daily doses of Biotin and gentle care, they are fragile and split and crack and peel and... Gah! They looked so bad this last time I grew them out that by the time I got to the last Hunger Games polish, they were trashed.

After I ground them down and smoothed and polished them with my glass file and Mambo buffer, I painted on what I thought was going to be a quick and easy and neutral manicure.

Ha! Sinful Colors Bare is, indeed, neutral. A soft, slightly beige toned rose creme with a lovely silver/white microshimmer that keeps it from being too flat or boring. This is just warm enough and rosy enough to be a mannequin hands polish for me but not look dead or unflattering with my skin tone. I applied two coats and topped it with with Seche Vite.

Get a load of that shimmah! 

The formula on Sinful Colors Bare was a nightmare. Thick, gloopy, difficult to handle I almost threw this one against a wall several times while trying to do my nails. This polish wanted to build unevenly, lump and, strangely, run and pool, too. Gah! Then after I finally got it looking halfway decent, I mucked it up doing cleanup and had to take it off a couple of nails and re paint them. I was fast coming down with the flu, was ill, cranky and that polish almost sent me over the edge. When I finished applying it, I dumped in a bunch of thinner and shook it like I meant it. Maybe it will behave a little better, next time. If it doesn't, It is history. I don't care how pretty it is. Dry time was slow. Really slow but wear time was good. It was a full four days before I saw much tip wear and didn't get chips. So, it wasn't all bad.

Do you own this polish? I do believe that it is part of the newer Spring shades recently released by Sinful Colors. I bought it at my local Walgreen's. Unless you like a very thick, fractious polish or want to thin it, I don't recommend this one.

ETA: I still have this polish on, as of this post publishing. (I queued this post.) I have tip wear and a tiny chip on my right index nail but overall, it is still hanging in for me. I still don't feel up to messing with it so I will probably wear it another day. For such bothersome polish, it is holding up amazingly well! :D

Thank you for popping in. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. Two of my nails broke down to the meat. Had to file them all down even shorter than yours! So sad they were actually looking so pretty! But like you, have had cracks, peelies etc. hopefully, since it's warming up my nails will do better! Is it worth using a glass file? If so- does it matter what brand you choose? Tweet me if you would!

  2. pretty, I purchased this one, but haven't used it yet!

  3. Very pretty! Love the shimmaahhh.

  4. Yeah, my nails haven't been so good lately, they keep on splitting.  My hands have been super busy so a lot is probably wear and tear for me.  They're filed down to where they attach to the skin, ack!  I think I'll skip the polish on display here.  I prefer clear polish rather than pale pink.  I hope you're feeling better and are out playing in the bit of snow!

  5. I don't have this shade but I had the same problem with easy going it's more neutral and lighter. It was like gloppy and was hard to even out for me. Don't know about wear cuz after 3 days I redid my nails

  6. Unfortunately, no playing on the snow for me. I am still pretty sick, I can barely breathe and every time I move, I hack up a lung. The flu sucks! Next year, flu shot! 

    I have read that a lot of bloggers are having difficulties with their nails. It's weird. I hope that yours grow back, soon.

  7. Thanks. I like the shimmah, too. :D

  8. Just a tip, you might want to thin it a little before you go for it. ;)

  9. Your poor nails! I hope that warmer weather and maybe fresher foods will help my nails to look and be better, too. 

  10. Very pretty!  My nails haven't been behaving lately either :(

    I got a flu shot this year and still got sick.  It really kicked my butt this year!

  11. Okay, that just sucks! A flu shot and still getting sick. If you had the same thing I have, I feel for you! :)

    It must be an epidemic... So many bloggers have had trouble with their nails, lately. I wonder what it is? I am still taking such good care of mine. *shrug* I
    ll just keep plugging along at them and hope that they improve. :D

  12. I really like nude-colored polishes. This one is so light and pretty!

  13. It is pretty great. Except for the formula... ha ha I hope that the thinner I used will improve it. 

  14. I really wanted to try this polish, but the formula seems awful. And it's a color I don't need. Thanks for the review.


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