Thursday, February 16, 2012

Colour Series ~ Neon: Eye Popping Oranges

Hello gentle readers.

Get out your sunglasses and hang on to your retinas because today, the orange neons are coming out to play.

Color Club Wham! Pow! Pow, is how I describe this bright, fluorescent traffic cone orange. Photographs can't begin to capture the true bright nature of this neon orange polish. This is almost offensively bright and I just love it in the Summer with a bit of a tan. This polish is fantastic for toes, if it is a bit too bright for you to attempt on your fingertips. 

Sinful Colors Big Daddy. This orange jelly leans coral, thanks to a bit of red. I think maybe this could be more flattering to those who don't feel that a true, clear orange isn't a good colour for them. I applied two coats of this polish over two coats of OPI Alpine Snow as this is too sheer and jelly to get opaque and pop on it's own. This is shiny without top coat.

Color Club You Got Soul-Ar. Hello bright orange and glittah! Traffic cones covered in sparkle. Girlie road construction gear at it's best. Another beautiful-weird polish from the Starry Temptress collection. 

Wham! Pow! applied very nicely. It is more of a creme formula than some other neons I own and needs a little care to avoid those sharp lines of delineation at the edges. Top coat melts those and makes things smoother, but a little care is still needed. For some reason, when I applied this swatch, my ring finger bubbled like mad. I brushed some thinner over the polish and that took the bubbles down and with the last coat, it was pretty nice, then. This stuff dries matte so have the top coat handy. Dry time is really good for this polish, making it perfect for a pedicure, too. 

Big Daddy is a sheer jelly that needs to go over a white base to pop and get to opacity. This polish can streak like mad. I learned that the best way to apply it is to go with thicker coats and float the brush gently on the surface of the polish, as pressure causes streaks and troughs to form. Not pretty. :P This  was shiny without top coat. I am still debating keeping this one. I have nice orange polishes that are less a pain in my butt. 

You Got Soul-Ar is beautiful. I had to thin and shake the stuffing out of it but it got to opaque and perfect in two easy to apply coats. Top Coat was necessary, of course. 

All three of these polishes are easy to find and acquire through the usual outlets. They are all fun colours any of them are worth making a part of your polish family. Maybe not Big Daddy? I don't know. I am still on the fence about that one. But my instinct is to let it go. *shrug*

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. 


  1. Meg @ Kitschy SuburbiaFebruary 16, 2012 at 8:58 AM

    My favorite neon collection, hands down, has got to be Color Club's Electrocandy!  I can't believe you have so many bright oranges.  LOL  My question is this: I know you have to use top coat for You Got Soul-Ar, but does it smooth out or is it still a bit bumpy?

  2. Like the other Starry Temptress glittery neons, you need a couple of coats of top coat to get it really smooth. These polishes definitely snack on top coat! :D 

    When I was getting polishes ready for this Colour Series, I couldn't believe how many bright oranges I have, either. I have a backup of Wham! Pow! :)

  3. I like wearing Wham! Pow! over white polish as that combo really stands up to UV10 sunshine - it just kicks ass in the summertime with a yellow shirt.  I do admit I like CC Electrocandy's Tangerine Scream over white better.  Gosh I want that Starry Temptress collection, I hope it comes to Ross soon.  Aw, sorry to hear you're getting bubbling - I got some last week because I had turned the heat on (after being off for 3 weeks).  I'm looking forward to seeing your purple neons.  This color series thing is fun.

  4. I have both of these Color Club polishes and love them!! I need to get the rest of the Starry Temptress collection ASAP. Thanks for your post; this color series looks very fun. Consider me a brand new follower :)

  5. Yay, oranges!!! I think I've seen these at Ross's, but I've never picked them up. Big mistake, apparently.

  6. oranges!! One of my faves!

  7. Guess what I found at Walmart today?  A Sally Hansen Hard As Nails polish called ......Ice Queen!  I had to get it because it's a pretty glitter polish.  You probably already know about it but this is the first time I've seen it.  

  8. I'll have to try Wham! Pow! over white. :D

    I did the violet neons, already. :D I don't have anymore purples. Wish I did. 

  9. Welcome and thank you for reading. :D

    The starry Temptress polishes are really nice. :)

  10. You can grab them next time you see them. *nods wisely*

  11. Yay! I'm glad that you like. :)

  12. I own it. :D I bought it for the name, obviously. heh heh

  13. wow I especially like the last one! Beautifully polished :)

  14. I have You Got Soul-Ar in my collection.  I thought it was bright in the bottle, but man!  Once it was on my nails - I practically had to put my shades on!  Which makes me think that this dreary weather needs a bright, neon orange pick me up...

  15. *puts on shades* I love these! :D  Aaaand there is a polish called Ice Queen? Why don't I know this? I must hunt for this pretty,  and look it up. :)


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