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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Polishes That Rocked My Socks in 2011

Hello gentle readers.

This is the first time I have done this. A best of this year in polishes post. These are polishes that kind of rocked my socks in 2011. Obviously, not all of these polishes were released in 2011. I acquired or first swatched/wore them this year. There are quite a few polishes in this feature. And these aren't all of them... Just the ones that I really, really loved and wanted to feature. I tried to choose a varied selection of shades, tones, colours and finishes and brands. There are reds, blues, pinks, greens, glitters, shimmers, jellies and holos. Most are swatched with base and top coat.

This feature is going to broken up into several posts so that they aren't too long and all polishes are shown in no particular order. Unless stated otherwise, all photographs were shot in direct sun. The polish names are links; click on them to travel to the swatch/review/Manicure of the Moment post in which they were originally featured.

Ready? Okay, let's get started.


 Nubar 2010 over Orly Sapphire Silk

 Revlon Royal over OPI Alpine Snow (This one was posted on 12/29/10. Not really 2011 but hey. I love this polish and it was close enough to 2011 to qualify. Besides, this is my blog and I'll post what I want, when I want. Neener-neener!)

 OPI What's Dune over Revlon Royal

 Ozotic Elytra #530 over Wet-N-Wild Black Creme

OPI Sparkle-Icious over Pucci-Licious

Have you any clue how long it takes to go back and find all of those old posts? lol Good thing I have tags to click or I would have never been able to find all of those polishes. lol And may I just say... Why the hell didn't I start sharpening up photographs a long time ago? The difference between my photos then and now. Woof! They are so much clearer now that I know how to use that little feature. :D 

I hope that you are enjoying this series. I'll have the next bunch up as soon as I get them swatched and photographed. 

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble. 


  1. Okay, now I reallllllllly want Demure Vixen. That is a gorgeous color! 


  2. Girl! I was far too lazy to bother with finding all the old posts hahahaha I'm ridiculous! Good on you to do that, and I LOVE your choices. Can't wait to see the rest!

  3. Trust me, without the tag cloud at the bottom of my blog, I could never have found all of those posts. It was easy, just a little time consuming. I took my lappie to bed with me to finish this post. :D

  4. Why, thank you. :)

  5. Demure Vixen is so pretty. Very girlie and ladylike. I love it. :)

    You should be able to find it anywhere that sells Essie and I have seen it on Amazon, too. 

  6. Amazing post, they're so beautiful! I love Demure Vixen, I really need to get that.

  7. Thank you. :)

    Go get it, girl. It's worth having; so pretty. :D

  8. Lovely choices!!  Wow, O.P.I What's Dune is so pretty!  I've never seen that one before!

  9. Thank you. :)

    What's Dune is a very old polish and is very hard to find, now. I think that it is commanding outrageous prices on Scalp-Bay. 

    I got lucky when i received this beauty and I rarely wear it, as I am hoarding the pretty. lol

  10. So many that are on my love list also! I love these kids of posts, and was looking forward to this!  Happy New Year to you and yours!

  11. Sapphire Silk is one of my favorites!!!

  12. Reclaim rocks

  13. I love this kind of post, as well. :D

    Happy New Year to you, as well. :D

  14. Sapphire Silk is amazeballs. One of the prettiest blue creme polishes I have ever met. 

  15. I am in full agreement. :D

  16. such lovely picks, i really like orly butterflies.

  17. Thanks. :) I like Butterflies, too. It is a perfect pink jelly. Lovely for Spring or when you feel like wearing a Spring shade. :)


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