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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pink Wednesday and... I am a No Good Dirty Cheater ;D

Hello gentle readers. Happy hump day. (Any one handed surfers who just landed here, go ahead and hit the back button. This has nothing to do with humping. So, buh-bye, now.)

Today, I decided to get all of my glitter polishes for my Color Series swatched, photographed and ready to roll. My normal format is to do a manicure, photograph it and post it as a Manicure of the Moment. I don't often swatch, as I rarely, if ever have enough of a collection to make it worth while. But I decided to change it up, for this series. Glitters, while beautiful and fun to wear are also notoriously difficult to remove and to be perfectly honest, I was dreading applying seven full glitter manicures and all of the acetone and foil soaks I would have had to do, every day. Yipes! Cleaning off freshly applied swatches is much faster and easier. So, I cheated. :D

Besides, this is kind of a crappy day for me (Okay, in truth, it is a really, super, nasty-assed crappy day for me) and splashing around in all of that glitter actually helped to brighten my day a little and made me smile. Good medicine, methinks to help me feel a little better. :)

For today's Pink Wednesday post, after all of that swatching I just wanted a gentle, fresh, soft, light pink. One that was easy to apply, dried fast and didn't require much, if any cleanup. Enter Revlon Grapefruit Fizz. A delicate, shimmery pink jelly with tiny holo-ish glitter and... Wait for it... Flakies! Tiny, duochrome, colour shifting flakies. I applied two coats and topped it with Seche Vite. This polish is pretty sheer. And I don't care a whit. I like the soft, sheer quality and I am enjoying flaunting my VNL.

Revlon Grapefruit Fizz has a lovely formula that makes it a joy to apply. It flowed off my brush, settled sweetly right where I placed it and didn't give me a moment's trouble. I had so little cleanup, I think I picked up my cleanup brush... Twice? A new record for me, I think. lol Dry time is fast and Seche Vite made it even faster. This polish is sheer, as you can see. I applied two coats and it isn't anywhere near opaque. Which is perfectly fine with me. This polish is scented; the fragrance develops as it dries. It is supposed to be grapefruit scented. But it actually just smells sweet and pink, to me.

Do you own this polish? Have you worn it, yet? Please share your impressions.

My glitter Color Series begins tomorrow. I have put up a new poll to ask what you would like my October Colour Series to be so please don't forget to vote. So far, purple is out in front. Why am I not surprised? :D

Okay, it has been a long morning and I am dying for my lunch, so I am going to run along. Thank you all so much for popping in, have yourselves a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I really do love this one. It's so great to have a handful of polishes in your arsenal that you know you can slap on easily, not have to tinker with much, and it will look GREAT. This is definitely one of those.

  2. I still want this one. I got Colada Fizz and I love it but this one smelled really nice. I love the mini-flakes!

  3. I agree with Courtney, your nails are beautiful. This is a perfect polish for you! I have this and love it, but this has a bitter scent on me. I suppose that it is like a perfume, different body chemistries make for a different scent? I can't wear Clinique Happy either. It IS better than Coolada Fizz, thankfully.
    I think that cheating with those glitter swatches is probably the best idea, it's hard to swatch a lot of glitters! Especially one at a time.
    I'm so sorry you're having a rough day. Sending another squish to you.

  4. Hope your day got better! Just look down at your gorgeous nails and smile...

  5. This is such a pretty polish!! I ended up giving my bottle away since the smell was so sweet it made me sick.

  6. So pretty on you! It's in my untrieds along with he Watermelon Fizz~

  7. ooh i think i need this i didn't knwo it was flakie like...ooh i think i need this one too. hope you feel beter. :0D

  8. Thank you, Barilla. I agree, it is so mice to have go-to polishes in your collection. Polishes you can trust and reach for, time after time. :)

  9. Laura, this one is very sweet. Like pink candy. :D I looked for Colada Fizz where I bought this one and it wasn't there. *sniff*

  10. Niki, you are so sweet. Thank you for the extra squish. I really needed it, yesterday. <3 Funny how those anniversaries can hit us in different ways, from year to year.

    Thank you for your sweet words about my nails. :) Body chemistry is a weird thing, isn't it? lol

    I am glad that I cheated with the glitters. I just couldn't do seven acetone soaks in as many days. My fingers told me no. way! lol

  11. Poetic, it is a very scented polish, isn't it? lol Happily, scents don't bother me, but I can definitely see how they can be hard for some to take. :)

  12. Freshie, I tried to find the Watermelon, too. Never did. Maybe I'll luck into it at Big Lots, or somewhere. :D

  13. Thank you, Pretty, you are very sweet. *squish* It was a bit of a roughie, but I am fine. :) You really do need this polish. The tiny flakies are kind of really amazing. :D

  14. oo wow this colour is nice and it looks soo pretty^^


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