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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Manicure of the Moment

Good morning, gentle readers. How is your Sunday? It is lovely, here. Warm, not too hot, yet. Sunny and the humidity is down a bit so it is a lot more comfortable. too.

Today my nails are sporting Color Club Almost Famous from their Poptastic Collection. Almost Famous is a rich, warm, bright sunshine yellow. I needed three coats to get a completely opaque, streak free finish. I topped this manicure with Seche Vite.

Photos were taken outdoors in direct, morning sun. Ya know, I am kind of enjoying this do my nails early in the morning thing. I need to do it more often. :D

Color Club Almost Famous is a dense, thick creme with an almost... Chalky feel. This type of polish had quite a run, last year. All of the companies were releasing polishes like this. I have a bit of a love-hate thing going with this texture. I love the dense, opaque quality that should, in a perfect world give a perfect finish in one or two coats. But I hate the fact that they are often bratty, streaky, can even drag and clot. This makes it necessary to apply three coats to get that smooth, opaque finish that we all love so well.

Almost Famous required that I apply every one of those three coats. It was pretty much opaque after two but so uneven that a third coat was needed to get it nice and smooth. I quickly learned that this polish likes to be applied fast, smoothly and with lots of polish on the brush. Over working this polish will make it streak and drag. However, that dense formula makes it nearly foolproof to apply. It flows nicely off the brush and sits right down where it is placed. No running, no pooling. I had little cleanup, mostly just fussbudget refining. Dry time is a little longer with this polish than some others, but it isn't painfully slow. I expected this one to dry matte, like a lot of brights I have been wearing lately, but this one dries shiny.

For a yellow polish, this one is a goodie. It isn't perfect, but it is certainly very tolerable. While I am not a huge fan of applying more then two coats of polish, (have I ever mentioned that I can be a lazy slag?) I can live with doing three to get this kind of payoff when all of my work is done. If you are looking for a pretty, bright, happy yellow polish, you could do a lot worse than Color Club Almost Famous. I bought mine in a collection at my local Ross. You might be able to find the collection in your area at Ross or some other discount store. This polish is also available at various e-tailers and, I think, from the Color Club website. (Don't quote me on that one... But I think I saw it there. :))

Say! Have you voted in my poll to determine the polishes to be shown in my first Colour Story? Number one will run the first week of September. Glitters was ahead, but purple recently pulled into the lead. Please vote and tell me what you would like to see, first. The poll can be found at the top of my right hand column. I plan to run the Colour Stories the first week of each month until I go through all of my possible colour/texture possibilities so, if you have a favourite, it will run, at one point or another. :D

Okay, time to run. I need moar coffee.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have yourlittleselves a fabulous Sunday and may your polish never bubble.


  1. its sooooo bright :D i love it.. it reminds me of a bumble bee minus the black stripes

  2. I love yellow polish, always catches the eye

  3. I have this but haven't used it yet. Thanks for the info on the polish. I hate doing more than two coats too, but maybe it'll be worth it for this one. It looks so pretty and summery. :)

  4. I love this color on you! It's beautiful - but I HATE using that kind of formula actually. I'd still get this anyway and curse it when I was applying it.

  5. Ynell, I should have done black stripes. :D

  6. NY Nail Diva, I like yellows, too. They aren't always easy to use, but they always make me smile when I am wearing them. :)

  7. BMR, I hear you. And this one is super sunny. I am really enjoying it. :)

  8. Nicole, you will have it, soon. ;) Then you can apply and curs it, all you like. :D

    I am wondering about the rest of the polishes in this collection... I may have to do another colour in the morning and see.

  9. I am really loving this yellow! I think I'll put that on next as it totally fits the weather. Glitters or purples are great (I voted glitters).

  10. Thanks, DN8. :) Glitters are back in the lead. This is a horse race! :D

  11. This is soo bright . It'd look fabulous as a pedi too .


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