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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We Have a Winner!

I want to thank everyone who came to my blog, became a follower and entered my giveaway. I truly appreciate everyone who takes a little time out of their busy day to stop in and read my natterings about nails. That you would want to follow me and even some of you add me to your blogroll is huge. :D

Okay, now the reason we are all here. Without further ado, may I present the winner of my Sinful Little Giveaway. Drum roll, please!

***Stardust Stephanie ***

I will be contacting you by e-mail, A.S.A.P.

This giveaway was a lot of fun and I hope that I can do another one, in the not too distant future. I would like to be able to afford to offer even better prizes and include my international fellow nail fans, as well. :D


Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I truly appreciate each and every one of my readers and the time you take out of your busy day to read and share your thoughts with me. <3

Please send blog links to me by e-mail. You can find my e-mail address in my Contact tab at the top of my blog page.

Have a fabulous day! :D