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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Naked Truth

Okay, first I need to begin this entry by saying how excited I am that I have fifty followers! I am so glad that you are coming in, and looking around. I am thinking of a giveaway to celebrate. Sometime next month. Due to budget constraints, it won't be huge but I want to show my appreciation for all of you. So, keep your pretty eyes peeled, girls. :D

So, it has been a while since I posted a nails pic, hasn't it? I have been busy and my bubbly, dog barf on a stick It's Up To Blue manicure really held up very well. It finally started chipping, yesterday and I pulled it off. I wore just a thick coat of base coat over my natural nails yesterday and last night, then did colour, today.

I thought, since I had them *almost* bare, I would take a pic of them in their natural form. This is the longest I have ever had all ten of my natural nails without benefit of enhancements. I am really enjoying them. I like this length and am functioning with it very nicely. I can still type and do my housework, so they can stay this length for now. I am not planning to grow them any longer. My nails are beginning to curl and I am not too crazy about that look for my own nails. (This is not, in any way a criticism of anyone who has long nails that curl. It is just how I feel about my own, personal, growing from my fingers nails.)

Breakage is inevitable. I know that it will happen, eventually. I already have patches on three nails on my right hand. Don't you just love tea bags and nail glue? :D But I wanted to get and post a shot of them before that happens and I have to file them all off and start over, again.

*Nearly* bare nails. They are wearing a coat of China Glaze Strong Adhesive Base. I can't leave my nails completely bare for any longer than it takes to clean off old polish and apply new. My nails are just too delicate and breakage and peel prone.

I tried to get my thumb in the picture by curling it up and around the bottle, but my camera focused on it and I had Giant Thumb. Not really something I wanted to keep or post. lol

So there you have it. My natural nails at this time. :D


  1. they don't look stained at all- sadly mine are quite stained ^^

  2. Oh, they are stained. They are getting the benefit of the lighting and my lousy photography skills. lol

  3. Hey ya, Shermie. Thanks for the follow! (Returned!)


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