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Monday, June 7, 2010

My Widdle Teeny Tiny Polish Stash

You are all a really bad influence on me. lol But I love it. :D

My polish stash has finally outgrown it's carousel and it continues to slowly expand. Time for new storage.

So, there it is, my widdle, teeny, tiny polish stash. :D


  1. I remember when mine looked like I have a nearly full Helmer. Its an addiction LOL

  2. I loveee the little carousel! SO cute!! maybe when your collection expands by tenfold, you can use the carousels to hold your favorites or the essentials! =D

  3. They're like bunnies, aren't they.

  4. Oh wow, it literally is a carousel, how cute!

  5. Great variety of colors and brands. NICE,

  6. The carousel is so cute. Lots of pretty colors.


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