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Friday, June 18, 2010

Manicure of Memory

French Manicures are a particular favourite of mine. Sadly, they are a huge pain in the posterior to apply and they tend to chip and peel pretty fast, too. But I still love them and do them when I am craving a polished, finished look but don't particularly want color on my nails.

This French was done a while back. I used French tip guide tapes and painted on two coats of Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear on White Out over a coat of my usual base coat and one coat of OPI Hearts and Tarts, my go to sheer for a French. I then removed the tapes and let my tips dry a little, then applied more Hearts and Tarts and a coat of Seche, then did my clean up. (Yes, I am a slob and had to do clean up, even on a French... lolol)

Funny enough, this mani lasted over a week with a couple of tiny tip touch-ups and a fresh coat or two of Seche. It looked almost as fresh and pretty the day I removed it because I was sick of it as it did the day I applied it.

Trust it to last like that, just because I thought it wouldn't. lol

Yepper, my nails really are that ridged. lol


  1. Very pretty. Have you ever tried paining on the french tip, then creating the perfect smile line with a brush and acetone? It's MUCH easier than using the tape. I saw it on a you tube vlog and it CHANGED MY LIFE! lol


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